Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are vector graphics?

Vector graphics, also known as object-oriented graphics or geometric modelling, uses geometrical formulas to represent shapes which combine to form images. This is in contrast to bitmapped or raster graphics which are composed of a pattern of dots.

Wikipedia has an excellent detailed explanation of vector graphics including samples.

Why are vector graphics better than bitmapped graphics?

Vector graphics can be scaled to any size, large or small, without any loss in quality whereas bitmap graphics become pixellated (blocky).

What file formats do you use?

Our downloads consist of one zip file which contains the following:

  1. Editable EPS file
  2. Editable SVG file
  3. PNG render of the EPS file at 100%/72dpi with transparent background
  4. JPG render of the EPS file at 100%/72dpi with white or grey background

Other formats can be provided on special request by using our Contact Us form.

Can’t I get maps elsewhere?

Of course! There are loads of maps available on the Internet. However finding the right quality and style can be time-consuming, and sometimes you won’t find exactly what you want. We’re aiming to provide simple, low-cost maps that enable you to size them to your needs rather than what someone else thinks you need. Most map sites charge hundreds of dollars for highly-detailed maps, those are great but if all you need is a simple blank map for your website or brochure then we don’t think you should have to pay that much and spend hours of your valuable time removing all the extra details.

Why don’t you have all countries available?

Each map we create is made from scratch based on up-to-date public domain GIS data. Each map takes many hours to produce and we’re working as fast as we can to complete our library. If you have a specific country/state/area you’d like then please contact us and we’ll move that to the top of our (very long) list.